Closed Edition Bubba's Trucks
Ode to Bubba

Baby Bubba15 pounds, and carried 10 months plus one day,
born in the backwoods of nowhere, good ole USA.
And as the doctor said, trying to be clever,
"Ol' Bubba, better late than never"

His pappy was a logger, his mama made a home,
but at the age of seven he knew he had to roam.
On the greatest notion he did decide,
a way to travel the world far and wide.
Lumberjack BubbaThe greatest all American trucker he'd become,
A friend to all, and a big rig legend to some!

He worked in the woods until 1947,
when on the road he saw a sight he thought was heaven!
A rolling thunder needlenose Kenworth 521,
Bubba Truck - Sold Outand knew right then that his boring days were done.

Now Bubba travels all across this American land,
sticking his toes in both Atlantic, and Pacific sand.
He's hired all his family from Jethro to Uncle Bob,
just to make sure all his kin have a job.
Now he has what some would call a fleet,
all Kenworth 521's, for no other trucks can compete.

Travelling BubbaFrom dump to logger, show truck and reefer,
Each truck is different, but none slow as a creeper.
Some aren't very pretty, as the colors don't match,
But once on the highway the 'Revenoors' can't catch.
And although one of a kind the tune they sing is the same
"All American toys for All American boys" they exclaim!

Bubba Truck - Sold OutThe only real concern is Bubba's laid back timing,
which sets his patient customers whining.
But he just spits, grins and shakes his head,
and quotes what that good Doctor said
"Ol' Bubba, better late than never"


Awed BubbaBubba stopped in one day at Salem Tool,
and saw beautiful toys that made him drool.
He said he'd like some of his trucks in metal
Bubba Truckso Pat on a plan did he settle.

We'd make Bubba's trucks on a whim and a token,
to honor both his spirit and rigs, pretty to broken.
Now you may find one from here to there,
at our website and showroom, but they are rare.
Bubba Truck
Each is a one of kind built just for fun,
so remember the time that went into each one.
If you want to know what we have to offer,
check the web or call us, and pictures we'll proffer.

These aren't built to order, but suggestions we'll take,
and if the mood strikes us, one for you we will make!
but if you call and ask "Where's mine, will I see it ever?"
We'll just grin, for that's Bubba, "Better late than never!"


Closed Edition Bubba's Trucks

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