12th Kenworth Limited Edition Issued by the All American Toy Co. (CLOSED EDITION)

Product Description

Gonzalez-Sanchez Cigar Hauler!

Imagine walking down a busy side street off a marketplace in the heart of Havana.  Cuban music and spicy food fills the air.  You turn a corner, and spot a classic Kenworth Needlenose, kept in pristine condition and pin striped to reflect its colorful history.  Welcome to the All American Toy Company 1/16th scale Gonzalez-Sanchez Cigar hauler!

This 10 wheel cargo van is dressed to the nines, all creamy white with red accents to really stand out in the crowd.  The labels on the side are directly from a 50's era Cigar company, and the van has opening doors, perfect for holding a box of your favorite cigars, real or chocolate!

Features include:

  • Red Painted wheels, visor, air cleaner, bumper and fuel tank
  • Chrome Mirrors
  • Opening rear doors 
  • Hand applied red pin-striping on fenders, box and cab
  • This unit weighs in at 10 pounds and is 22 inches long
  • All manufactured in America!
$ 0.00