Kenworth Fire Truck issued by the All American Toy Co. - NOW AVAILABLE

Product Description

1/16th Scale Kenworth Special Order Only

At the All American Toy Company, we do our best to create editions that are requested by you, the collectors.  In response to the survey we sent out last year, a fire truck was one of the most requested pieces.  The only problem was all the variations and types!  So, rather than limit an edition to just a few options, we decided to let you design your very own personal fire tanker!  They will come with a certificate of authenticity, and a brass ID plate on the bottom of the frame.  Each unit will have two red lights on the top of the cab, and be finished in a beautiful fire engine red.

YOU decide what is chromed or painted, and what options you want on your personal custom fire tanker!

Your piece can be constructed as the standard "just red" unit, or a fully detailed rig, with a complete set of custom ultra-metallic gold lettering and pin-striping.  You can make up your own fire company brigade!  Just as an example you could have S.F.D. initials on the tank, with "Silverton Fire Dept." underneath.  Then have your name in gold on each cb door, and a special number on the side of the hood!  This truly is the first time we've offered to build YOUR TRUCK!

Prices will vary from $775.00 for the basic truck and up for a fully outfitted and lettered unit.  Plus $20.00 Shipping and Handling.

Basic Fire Truck
(includes: two red lights on top of cab, chrome air horn steering, Gold All American US map decal on door, dual chrome fuel tanks.)
$ 775.00
Open Kenworth Cab $ 50.00
Visor (Chrome or Painted Red) $ 30.00
Mirrors $ 25.00
Chrome Vent Covers $ 15.00
Fuel tanks Painted Red (chrome included at no charge) $ 22.00
Wheels (Chrome or Painted Red) no charge
Bumper (Chrome or Painted Red) no charge
Hood and Cab striping
(ultra gold metallic pin-striping/lettering)
$ 15.00
Air cleaner and fuel tanks striping
(ultra gold metallic pin-striping/lettering)
$ 15.00
Basic lettering option
(Includes up to four gold initials on tank sides, outlined in black)
$ 20.00
Deluxe logo
(Includes basic lettering option, PLUS fire company name spelled out in smaller script below initials on tank body, an individual name below windows on cab doors, and truck number on each side of the hood.)
$ 40.00
Polished 1/4 fenders $30.00


Please bear in mind that each of these will take extensive handcrafting and time spent in ordering your particular lettering.  We will make every effort to ensure your truck is built with quality in a timely manner.  You will not be charged until the truck is ready to ship.  Orders are being taken now.  Don't hesitate to contact Paul at 503-399-8609, or email if you have any questions.


$ 775.00