22nd Kenworth Limited Edition - 2 Axle Lowboy - NOW AVAILABLE

Product Description
  • 1/16 scale and made in the U.S.A.
  • Die cast aluminum and Steel frame with wood decking
  • Painted wheels on trailer
  • Chromed wheels on KW
  • Standard truck and trailer is $895
  • Add these other products to your shopping cart if you want additional accessories for your limited edition truck.  They are an additional cost however.  Please specify in the comments section at checkout that you would like us to add your additional accessories to this limited edition.  The additional accessories are listed below.  Choose your options from the photos and the list below:

To order your truck and lowboy email or call Paul at 503-399-8609                                              allamericantoyco@gmail.com


    Spec out your All American Lowboy truck & trailer just the way you want it.
    1 Custom lettering   Contact Us
    2 Polished ¼ fenders   $30
    3 Swan hood ornament   $10
    4 Texas front bumper   $20
    5 Air cleaners   $18
    6 Polished windshield visor   $30
    7 CB antennas   $15
    8 Oversized Stacks   $10
    9 Stainless Steel Mirror   $10 each
    10 Chromed Wheel   $6 each
    $ 955.00