13th Limited Edition Heavy Hauling Limited Lowboy (CLOSED EDITION)

Product Description

The All American Toy Company is pleased to announce the issue of the Heavy Hauling Limited lowboy in the classic original All American green and yellow colors.  This is a combination that is ideal for displaying your classic construction toys such as a Doepke D6.  It's also a perfect companion piece to the Water Toter we released earlier this fall, with a matching paint scheme.  Each is individually handcrafted in Salem, Oregon.  This piece is roughly 1/12th scale, and uses the classic cab and air horn steering that made the toys so unique and desirable.

Features Include:

  • Individually cut, stained and applied deck boards
  • Silver colored D rings
  • Heavy Hauling LTD graphics on both the truck and trailer
  • Heavy duty all metal construction
  • 55 inches long with Jeep accessory!
  • Only 45 built
$ 0.00