Bubba 1/64 Scale Bubba Truck #1 (CLOSED EDITION)

Product Description
Ode to Bubba - 1/64th Version

There is a great man who roams this earth,
Whose philosophy and legend started at birth!
18 pounds, and carried 10 months plus one day,
born in the backwoods of nowhere, good ole USA.
to quote the doctor, trying to be clever,
"Here's Bubba! better late than never"

His pappy was a logger, his mama made a home,
but at the age of seven he knew he had to roam.
On the greatest notion he did decide,
a way to travel the world far and wide.
The greatest all American trucker he'd become,
A friend to all, and a big rig legend to some!

Now Bubba travels all across this great land,
sticking his toes in both Atlantic, and Pacific sand.
He's hired all his family from Jethro to Uncle Bob,
Just to make sure all his kin have a job.
Now he has what some would call a fleet,
only American rigs, for no other trucks can compete.

The only real concern is Bubba's laid back timing,
which sets his patient customers whining.
But he just spits, grins and shakes his head,
"Here's Bubba, better late than never"
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