Welcome to the All American Toy Company.  Home of the Timber Toter!

The All American Toy Company was founded in 1947 by Clay and Beth Steinke of Salem, Oregon. The company started when Clay thought that a large, heavy duty toy truck was needed, that could be played with for years and years and still hold together.  He decided on using the late 1940's era Ford cabs as the basis for his truck, and developed a means of steering through the hood of the cab using a brass air horn. This became known as the 'Air Horn Steering', which not only made the toy truly unique, but very popular with its customers. With a heavy cast Aluminum cab, rugged steel frame, walking beam suspension and rubber tires, the company developed the finest toy log truck ever mass produced. The first cabs were sand cast, and soon the demand was so high for these toys that the company had dies fabricated in the late 40's, to increase production and consistency in quality.

original timber toter ad.

The Timber Toter Evolution

The picture below shows the three types of cast aluminum cabs that the All American Toy Co. used from 1947 to the present.

On the left is a Timber Toter using a die cast cab first introduced in 1950. This cab casting is still available as a new part. Sand cast trailers and springs were used on the first die cast trucks as the trailer die had not been completed.

In the middle is a sand cast cab but with the look of the die cast cab. This cab is thick like a sand casting but has the look of a die cast cab.

On the right is a sand cast cab made around 1947 or 1948. Note the painted wheels, rectangle logo on the door, six wheels and the brass air horn. Good Year diamond grip tread tires were used in the first 4 or 5 years.

Three Timber Toters lined up.