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 Seventy years ago, the All American Toy Company of Salem, Oregon started casting toy trucks, 1/12th scale and made of die cast aluminum with steel frames and rubber tires. These trucks were not only handsome, they were rugged. Built with a unique air horn steering system, these trucks gave endless hours of fun. They drove forward, backward and around corners just like a real truck. The company succumbed to lower priced toys in 1956. The cracked & fatigued dies remained unused until May of 1992, when Patrick Russell of Salem purchased the company and revived the old dies. The company is now building limited editions of this famous old toy truck. In January of 1997 Patrick introduced a classic 1947 Kenworth in 1/16th scale, which is also sold in limited editions. As with the old toy, the Kenworth truck is made of all metal parts with rubber tires.