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1992 ad for the first Limited Edition
by Patrick Russell

All American Toy Co.
In the beginning...

Updated on: March 13, 2014

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1950 Christmas Gift Opened In 2008
Rod Adams Restoration Project
Updated on: June 19, 2012
Rod Adams Restored log truck toy

The story of the All American Toy Co. and the California Ink Company toy tanker truck, as I know it……
by Patrick Russell

JL Cox & Son Pipeline toy trucks J.L. Cox Pipeline Truck


David Keeney with his Timber Toter

A Grown Boy Remembers

Custom Built Timber Toters

Roy built this custom Timber Toter

All American Toy Co. Team taken about 1950

All American Toy Company 60th Anniversary Celebrations

Kenworth logging truck with air horn mounted on the hood as there is little room above the cab. Jim Falconer Collection.

Walt Whitson Remembers His All Amrican Toy Co. Timber Toter
The Tripp Brothers Christmas 1952 These pictures sent from John Kaijankoski:

The log truck was my first and the dumper was my second truck. The year was probably 1954/1955. I think that would be the time line. I also had the D-6 Caterpillar.