Timber Toter Never Opened

Timber Toter purchased in 1950 as a Christmas gift, found and opened 58 years later
Letter about the gift
Letter from the Norlin family telling the story about this Timber Toter

Truck with everything on display The original Christmas wrapping paper
This is the original never opened 1950 Timber Toter with brochure, red flag, chain, box and part of the Christmas wrapping paper. 1950 wrapping paper
Front view Side view Map on the door
Front view Side view. The paint still shines like new All American Toy Co. map on the doors
Tires like new Flag for the rear of the load
Not being exposed to light the rubber tires are still soft and shinny....just like new. The red flag would attach to the back of a log.
Page was a log trailer manufacturing company headquartered in Portland, Oregon.