Rod Adams Restoration

Timber Toter Restorationi Project
Rod Adams Timber Toter Restoration.

Letter from Rod Adams

This Timber Toter belonged to my Dad and I restored it for him for this upcoming Father’s day. He was born in 1940, so I am assuming that it is an early 50’s model.
I played with it, and tried to wear it out for years as well with no avail. Riding and steering it down hills and such!

I think it cleaned-up rather nicely.

Thanks again!

Rod Adams Timber Toter Restoration.

Letter from Monte Adams (Rod's father)

When I was 13 in 1953 I lived in a very small logging community, about 18 miles west of Junction City Oregon. Down the road a couple of miles was a beer tavern called Burp Hollow. One night my step father was in house tipping a few when he noticed that there was a punch board with the toy truck as the big prize. There were just a few punches left on the board. He won it, then gave it to me. My buddy and I made a logging lay-out and spent many hundreds of hours playing with it. We made yarders and loaders with erector sets. I want to thank my son Rod for restoring it for me. It will be displayed in our home .

Monte Adams

Rod Adams Timber Toter Restoration. Rod Adams Timber Toter Restoration.