Pat Russell retires and passes the torch to new owners.


As All American Toy Company approaches its 70 year anniversary, there are new changes happening.  Pat Russell who brought the company back after a deep sleep for many years, and made it the successful company that it is today, has decided to retire and pass his Toy King crown to a new generation.

My name is Kelly Cross, one of the new owners of All American Toy Company.  I'd like to take a moment to introduce my family to you.  My husband Paul, has always had a love for All American Toy trucks which started when he was just a child in the early 80's.  His father would take him to his friends houses who would dig out their old Timber Toters from when they were children to play with, while the older guys cut their winters firewood.  When it came time to load up into his dads pickup, Paul always wanted to take the trucks with him.  However, he had to leave his beloved logging scene and trucks behind for another visit.  These early childhood memories stuck with him.  So when we became pregnant with our son Henry, he thought back to those fun times he had as a child, and wanted to give his son the same enjoyment of these trucks.  As my pregnancy progressed, and my stomach got bigger and bigger, we seemed to have acquired quite the collection.  Every time Paul would bid on a Timber Toter on ebay and would win the auction, he would remind me that it wasn't for him, it was for Henry. 

As the months went by and more and more trucks came to join our collection, I could see the happiness that they brought our whole family.  From bidding on it, winning the auction, waiting for the package to arrive and then the best part...the restoration.  This is where we developed a friendship with Pat.  Paul would take these trucks completely apart, and even bought a sand blast cabinet just for the restorations.  I saw him fall in love with the restoration of the trucks over an over again.  When one truck was completed, it was put on a shelf, awaiting the day for our bundle of joy to be able to play with them.  But, once the truck project was done, I could tell he was also disappointed and wanted to get another truck to fill the void.  I guess you can say he was bit by the bug.  So much in fact, that while I was laying in labor and delivery, one auction was about to close.  A new/old Hay Grain and Seed truck. I think I was so out of it, I just waved at him to go ahead. 

Now that my son just turned four, I can see the same excitement in his eyes to watch his Papa put together a new truck on our dining room table.  Except now, they all have names. Ferdinand for example was Pauls first Kenworth kit that he put together.

When Pat offered the opportunity of owning this historic company, My husband and I knew it was not something we could allow to slip through our fingers.  As of October 31, 2015 we bought this piece of history and hope to preserve its high quality name for many more generations to come. 

We could never show enough gratitude to Pat Russell for his continued mentorship.  Pat  is still very involved in the toy company offering his expert advice, which has been a great blessing.

Thank you all for your continued support!   

~ Kelly Cross 

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