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My First “TIMBER TOTER” toy long-log truck.

In the summer of 1956, when I was 9 ½ years old, our family moved from Alaska to Colorado. There were six children; myself, 3 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. My Dad was a career Air Force Officer. We stopped in Corvallis, Oregon to visit his parents and other relatives.

There it was-a shinny new yellow/red All American Toy TIMBER TOTER log truck-setting on the toy store shelf in downtown Corvallis. I pointed it out to my Dad-he was intrigued by the air horn steering system. Dad didn’t buy the log truck that day. Surprise, before we left Corvallis, I had another big toy truck. This log truck joined my other nine trucks, (3 Doepke, 3 NyLint, 1 Smith Miller “Smitty”, 1 Structo and 1 Wyandotte) that I had received for birthdays and Christmases past.

My Uncle, who was visiting in Corvallis at the same time, fastened a metal tube, on the right side of the cab, for an exhaust stack. He also made a wood flatbed (7+3/4” x 26”) to fit on the log truck. I had many hours of fun carrying my brothers, on the flatbed, around the house. My grandchildren enjoy the rides also!

Over the years, my brothers and I played with all the trucks, but when I moved out, to get married, my 10 trucks went with me. I still have them to this day.

In the spring of 1993, I met Pat Russell. Now I could repair my log truck. It had two badly worn front tires, a broken horn and a missing J-hook. Pat fixed me up with replacement parts. I repaired the truck, painted it and now it is on the play room shelf, with the other trucks, ready for the grandchildren to enjoy.

Since 1993, I have acquired several other big toy trucks. These additional 35 trucks, including another TIMBER TOTER, are in various conditions; some custom built, some used (cleaned-up/repaired/restored) and some brand new. One hundred lineal feet of shelving, on the play room walls, accommodate the display of my toy truck collection.

Dennis R. Martin
Albany, Oregon

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