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This truck was customized by a young Ed Bodenlos of Warren, Oregon with a little help from his Dad.
June 2007, John Wall the "All American Boy" visit the All American Toy factory.
The "Peace Truck"

Christmas Eve 1953, and it was time to receive our presents. I wanted a log truck just like my neighbor got for Christmas but knew my parents could never afford it. Our presents weren't wrapped, but were carefully laid out in specific places for each child. Mine were on the dining room table. Underwear, socks, and numerous other items were there, but no truck. Then I spied a slight gleam of yellow underneath the clothes, tablet and crayons. It was a new Timber Toter log truck . . . the truck of my dreams! My father had hidden it, just like the famous BB gun in The Christmas Story. I was thrilled! I spent many hours playing with my truck and pretending that I was a real-life logger.

Several years later I decided to paint the truck a more exciting color . . . red cab, black frame. My painting expertise left much to be desired and the end result wasn't what I had hoped for. During my Jr. High years I abandoned my toys. Then I graduated from high school and went off to college. My mother informed me that they had given the truck to my cousin who lived in California and that he was thrilled to get it. Sadly, I was not consulted about this decision.

Over the years I often wondered what had happened to my Timber Toter. I decided it was probably buried in some landfill, or rusting away in a shed somewhere never to be seen again. Then about 10 years ago, my aunt and uncle drove up from California and brought what remained of my truck with them. The trailer had been lost, and my cousin had made his own personal statement by adding "peace" signs, striping and "headlights" to my bad paint job. But I had my truck back!

When I discovered that the All American Toy Company was once again in business, I was determined to restore the truck so my grandson could see what it originally looked like. After much thought, however, I decided to leave the "Peace Truck" as it looks today. It's one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated. It wears its scars proudly and brings back memories of years gone by.

John Wall
Lyons, Kansas
John Wall's All American Toy collection.
John Wall's supportive and wise wife.

Here are 3 custom All American trucks from the 1950s built by Glyn Hjort

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