Custom Builds, Page 25

Some pictures of a custom-built Kenworth log truck by Gary Fox. Here is a list of the details that make it one of a kind.
  • I cut a back window in the cab to start with.
  • I added glass in all widows with rubber gaskets or seals, custom head ache rack, thanks to Wayne Ford. 
  • Tool box
  • Binder box with wrappers and binders
  • Deck step
  • Custom clear coated and pin striped flame red enamel truck paint
  • Six coats plus 3 clear coats
  • K gloss black fenders
  • Running boards and battery box with gold metalic added to the black
  • Scratch built bunks
  • Trailer rides and Page trailer with lines and line hangars down the reach
  • The reach has a working compinsator with a pin
  • The bunks have pins also
  • It has Wedico mud flaps
  • Pintle hook
  • Stay chains
  • Air horns
  • The original hole in the cab for the steering horn was filed down and filled with solder, then sanded clean.
  • The front bumper has a scratch built tow block with a pin
  • The bumper also has custom license plates as does the trailer
  • I even cut my own turn signal, brake and tail light lenses
  • I cast my own windshield wiper arms and mirror mounted turn signals from aluminum
  • The front hub caps are ss thumb tacks
  • The head ache rack also has a shovel and axe
  • All assembly work was done with 2/56 bolts and nuts or solder
  • The name on the doors is as it was on the truck my Dad and I had. Nothing fancy. 
  • The air cleaner rubber hose and hose clamps and the purolator oil filter I turned it from aluminum rod and added oil lines

Tom McHenry did a great job on this custom Timber Toter

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