Custom Builds, Page 9

Grant Goodell has been making improvements to his KW log truck
  Grant with his custom Kenworth log truck and cousin Johnny.

Both young men enjoy building toys and playing with trucks. Never to young, or too old to play with trucks.
Custom-built Timber Toter short logger built by Tom Bergman

18 year old Larry Nagel with a custom log truck Larry Nagel's custom log trucks
Custom All American Toy Co. by Marshall Trover

The good part of this mod is they can be put on and removed without damaging the originality of the trucks. I made up two more sets that I soldered together instead of peaning. It would work better for most fabricators but still requires some skill. I ground off the excess solder on the surface of the washer, you can see the grind marks in the photo.

It is easy to overheat the rim and spoil the finish and you have to compress the washers as you heat so there is only a thin film of solder to maintain the correct thickness that allows for the 1/16th thickness of the double back tape I used which I bought at the hardware store (shown in one of the photos.

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